The trick is living with urself

As my old man used to say, u canbtrick everyone in the world, make them see the way you want them to but at the end of it all you can never cheat your own self. With the energy of youth you tend to make things happen, to move ahead and  to explore new possibilities. You want to sell your dreams to others  and for that you make many compromises. You believe that your doing the right thing because we are taught since childhood that it’s the results that matters. The sad part is when is start believing our own lies. You can choose to make people see the way you want them to see you but deep down you won’t be able to escape the reality. The truth is a very beautiful and dangerous thing . We fear that truth will damage things as people will not understand the circumstances. One thing that Ihave learnt in my 28 years of life that at the end it always comes out. The secrets starts to weigh so much in your mind that they start to consume you. Life as we know isn’t about achieving things or living the dream, at the end is how you live with yourself. The path of concealment and secrets has a thrill of its own because its forbidden. The excitement lasts till a brief period of time and at the end of it we all have to return toour normal way of life. You can’t fool everyone all the time because even you will be tired of the lies n deceits and at the end you will end up loosing yourself in it. For your peace of mind you will try to believe something that you know should have been wrong in the first place. You can look into the eye of people and make them  believe what you want them to, but who will u convience when you stare at your reflection in the mirror? The problem being this sense of realisation comes all to late and we convince yourself that it’s too late to change the facts of what has happened.

The truth is its never too late to correct your mistakes. Else this nature becomes an addiction. It consumes you. Because when the life turns grey you try to relive the thrills of the earlier times and end up convincing yourself that was the way ahead to move on.

My granddad used to say, dont let people know that you can tell their lies. You will be a better judge of people’s nature that way. I have lived a thousand lies. I know what i did and I live with that. The fact is no one can ever fool themselves. Just because I don’t say it on the face doesn’t mean that I am unaware. People should be given a choice. Because at the end it’s our choices that should ws what we truly are far from our abilities. It the choices that you make that counts and we have to live with that. Materials and persons fade away. Life’s ever changing. People and possessions keep coming in and going out of our lives. But the memories of them remains and that’s what makes the live we lead. The hardest thing is admiting to our own selves and living with it. If we are lucky then we get friends and family to share it with, else we eventually live the life of a loner and keep pushing everyone away not because of their judgements but for the fact that we can’tlive with ourselves.

We all make ourselves belief the value of time. It is said that relations that withstand time becomes stronger. As the saying goes, time heals everything…but how much time no one knows. I have seen relations going on for years for the sake of society without the trust. For the modern age few say truth n trust are luxuries that we can’t afford. You’re still naive if you are to trust someone. With so many people running after little resources it is indeed difficult to prioritize your heart before logic. what I strongly believe that it’s up to you to whether to trust people or not. But you should never give up your faith in trust.


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MBA Grad from Amity with little tolerance for bullshits.
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